Caledonia Gorge
Protecting Old Acadian Forest and clean water in the Upper Bay of Fundy

Just west of the Village of Riverside-Albert, along Crooked Creek, and less than 500 meters from the Caledonia Gorge provincial protected area lies a pristine example of old Acadian forest and a vital source of drinking water for the Riverside-Albert community.

Nature Conservancy of Canada has a new fundraising goal of $350,000 to double the size of the present nature reserve, up to 650 acres

This piece of land provides not only for the many species of plants and animals that inhabit it, but to more than 300 residents in the nearby village.

Why is this area important?

Acadian forest is a unique and diverse mixture of northern hardwood and boreal forest found in the Maritimes and parts of New England and eastern Quebec. It is considered an endangered forest type, with less than 5% of the original old Acadian forest intact. As these forests have declined, so have the wildlife that depend on them for homes and food. Nearly 90% of this property is mature Acadian forest making it a high priority for conservation.

Drinking water for the Village of Riverside-Albert has flowed freely across this land for nearly 100 years. With the original water lease on the property expiring soon, the permanent protection of this area is integral to maintaining a clean, safe and reliable water supply for future generations. NCC is working closely with the Village to ensure a safe continued water supply.

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How You Can Help

Nature Conservancy Canada needs to raise $350,000 to purchase the land, and cover its legal and long-term stewardship costs.

You can:

- donate by phoning Nature Conservancy Canada toll-free 1.877.231.3552 ext. 3205, or 506.450.6010
- donate online at Click the donate button, include your contact details and donation amount, then add the comment "Caledonia Gorge Project – Upper Bay of Fundy Natural Area" before finally hitting donate.
- mail your donation to
Nature Conservancy of Canada
Hugh John Flemming Forestry Centre
1350 Regent Street, Suite 261
Fredericton, NB E3C 2G6
- Complete and mail this pledge form

Donations of $10 or more are eligible for a tax receipt.

For more information please contact Nature Conservancy Cananad at 1.877.231.3552 ext. 3205, or by email